At an early age, Nick’s artistic talent was recognized and encouraged by many, especially his mother, an artist in her own right, who studied under Charles Sibley and William Reimann. She shared with him the fundamentals of light and shadow, brush stroke, and perspective.

However, Nick was distracted by his need to focus on a professional career in difficult political and economic times. His College years were interrupted by the Vietnam War, where he served in the army as a First Lieutenant and platoon leader. The war’s influence on him was evident from his thought-provoking poem, “To a Newly Fallen Tree”, a first place winner in the Irene Leache Memorial Society multi-state competition at the Chrysler Museum.

After the war, Nick worked in newspaper advertising, and later in financial services. A company he formed ran into difficulties during the financial meltdown in 2008/2009, which devastated him, but ironically opened the door for him to become a full-time artist.

Nick markets his art selectively through galleries and exhibitions. Most of his work is representational and includes, landscapes, seascapes, and figurative paintings. In technique he employs both palette knife and brush with a preference for oils on canvas or panel. His ultimate goal in every painting is to engage the viewer by capturing the sensory detail of time and space.











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