Early in his childhood, Nick’s artistic talent was nurtured by his mother, also an artist. However, Nick set aside his artistic endeavors during his young adult years, to focus on education and career. His college years were interrupted by the Vietnam War, where he served as a First Lieutenant and platoon leader. His wartime experiences affected him greatly. He wrote of the terrible price of war in a poem, “To a Newly Fallen Tree”, a first place winner in the Irene Leache Memorial Society competition, sponsored at the Chrysler Museum of Norfolk.

After a few years in newspaper advertising, Nick entered the securities industry and worked with prestigious firms in the Richmond area before striking out on his own to create a diversified financial services company. His small enterprise was growing and well received, until the financial meltdown of 2009, when he entered into a 4-year battle with the SEC over regulatory issues, culminating in a civil trial. Nick and his company ultimately lost that battle, but ironically that opened the door for him to pursue his art.

Nick is patriotic and loyal, devoted to family and country. Quiet and introspective, he has only recently begun to share his art with more than family and friends.

His painting “Meadowlarks” recently won 4th place in the human figure category of the international American Art Awards competition.



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